Development of “Generator Report Card 2018” to spur development of our Generator Catalog

On Monday 29th October 2018 over on our WattClarity® site, we announced that we were developing a “Generator Report Card 2018” with data till 31st December 2018 for release early in 2019.  This is a separate product from the Generator Catalog, purchasable separately.

However the development of this report does dove-tail into what we need to do, in continuing the development of Generator Catalog in parallel with its progressive release to clients.

The Generator Catalog is not being designed as an analytical tool (our NEMreview product is intended for that kind of trending, slicing and dicing of time series data).  Rather, the Generator Catalog is being developed to help people access and capture meta-data in relation to all types of power stations across Australia:
1)  Power stations currently in operations;
2)  Prospective Power stations under consideration – and those past final investment decision and under construction;
3)  Mothballed, closed and decommissioned power stations.

Preparing a report encompassing all power stations in the NEM will be a parallel driver (along with our needs in NEMreview and also in ez2view) to advance our work in providing a “single source of truth” for this meta data.

We’ll explain more of this here later…